1. Do you make custom work?
2. Do you make standard sizes?
No. We provide only 100% original fitted mesh clothing for mainly for Maitreya meshbody, occasionally for Belleza and Slink bodies.
3. Why this item is not available for these [mesh body brand] sizes?
Every meshbody has its own peculiarities and some designs simply don’t suit all the bodies, please be considerate in your purchases and if a size is not in the demo box, then it is 100% certain that it is not available.
4. I like that dress but I would like it in another color, can you make it?
Our color palette is quite wide, we provide 14 colors available for single purchase and fatpacks contains 21 color options. If none of the colors provided in this range suits you, we are sorry to hear it, but there’s nothing we can do about that.
5. I bought 2 dresses but I like another one, would you gift it to me?
We appreciate your preference, but unless it is clearly stated on the vendor, we do not offer 3×2 bargains and so forth, if you are unsure about what color is your favorite, we suggest you to buy a fatpack that will give you additional options for free at the 10% of the price of what would cost you buying each single color.
6. One of the bonus colors in the fatpack is slightly darker/lighter than what I would like, can you change it for me?
Every texture is create to specifically suit that specific item, we are sorry to hear that you are not happy with something that was given to you as a gift, but we cannot do much about it.

1. I bought this item and it was never delivered.
At this time we are using Caspertech systems, so every item that does not get delivered will issue a refund in the next 30 minutes. If you didn’t receive an item, check the transaction history and you will see your money was refunded.
2. I bought this gift for my friend and it was never delivered.
Every action that you take on our vendors is registered on our online server, on this note we are able to see if the item was really bought as gift or not.
We are really sorry to tell you that if your purchase does not show as a gift on our server we will ignore your request : as many other measures, even this one has nothing to do with our trust in you as a customer but it is simply learnt experience about past fake claims of others.
3. I accidentally purchased this item twice due lag will you refund me?
As at point 2, we will verify on our server the time gap between the purchases and assist you accordingly.
Accidental double purchases happened in more than a couple of minutes span will not be considered for obvious reasons. Please refrain to move claims of double purchases happened within weeks, we could develope trust issues.
5. I bought this item with out trying the DEMO and I want a refund.
We are sorry that you are so unhappy with your product but DEMOS are avalaible for every rigged item we sell, we also stress on our advertising, website, marketplace, social media how important it is to always test it out to ensure it satisfy you.
Please refrain to blame us for your carelessness.
6. I bought an item in MP and it was never delivered.
Out MP is directly linked with our mainstore server, just teleport to our mainstore and hit the redelivery terminal.
7. I bought this gacha item from a reseller and it is faulty can you assist me?
We cannot assist you on a product that you didn’t buy from us first hand, we have no control of the usage that was made of that item before you bought it.
**Please note that purchase’s assistance request not complete of transaction history will not considered.**

We are always seeking to collaborate with new events, please understand that it may need a bit of time before we get back to you due our workload. We really appreciate your preference and we are surely evaluating your offer.

Charity Events
While we are always happy to support charity events, we will not endorse anymore charity events or fundraisings that will not be able to provide proof of donation’s destinations. We know you’ll understand.

Pageants | SL Models
We do not provide or endorse any exception to our custom work policy for pageant contestants, as well as we refrain to provide free items upon request to individuals not previously involved with the brand.


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